Vtiger CRM help your business

From marketing campaigns, sales force automation, to customer support

Vtiger CRM Customer Relationship Management is software that helps businesses get organized, grow sales, improve marketing ROI, and deliver delightful customer service experiences.
Vtiger designed their integrated features to go beyond those found in a standard CRM system. Since then, the program has been tailored to meet clients’ needs based on feedback from their customer base. Built for small to medium enterprises, Vtiger CRM allows businesses to be more productive throughout their day, stay informed, and avoid any unnecessary data duplication. It delivers strong sales automation capabilities, email marketing functionality, help desk, invoicing, project, and inventory management.

Improving interactions with potential customers

Vtiger CRM comes built with unique tools for improving interactions with potential customers. Web-to-CRM forms capture contact information directly from site visitors. Custom reports use filters to focus on specific lead characteristics. By automating workflow, users reduce repetitive tasks and save time. Vtiger tracks marketing campaigns over time, helping to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not.ions.

Why Choosing Vtiger CRM?

Cost Effective
The financial value proposition of Vtiger is hard to beat. Rich feature sets at an extremely low price point make this a very strong value

Vtiger is pursuing a path of simplicity in terms of download, deployment and operation

Open Source
Open source purists prefer the vtiger open source license over competitor and commercial open source CRM products

vTiger CRM Features


vtiger Sales Edition

Contact Management
Opportunity Management
Email Marketing
Task & Activity Manangent
Document & File Management
Workflow Automation
Reporting Insights
Mobil App

vtiger Support Edition
Case Management
Flexible Workflows
Customer Portal
Knowledge Base

vtiger Ultimate Edition