Get Tally Accounting Software on Cloud by CTPL

We have all detected concerning the supremacy of Tally ERP accounting software package in recording, book-keeping, and every one different accounting activities it permits. we’ve got additionally detected businesses having an enormous load of transactions being simply resolved and recorded in Tally accounting software package. What we have not heard are the on-premise maintenance necessities it has to be taken care of.

Tally is entirely a Windows-based application. Due to this, we can work on Tally software exclusively on the system where it installs. Unfortunately, it means no one can access from any remote location at any point in time.

Tally cloud computing is a technique where the desktop-based Tally is hosted on the cloud server or putting all the technical resources in a cloud. In short, shifting the onsite application(s) to the internet. So, a person can easily access the application & work on it from any location regardless of the device. Because all the resources are housed online. Tally on cloud service makes individuals or businesses free from server maintenance and other IT solutions.

CTPL has been known for its ultimate Tally on Cloud features-

Check out our ultimate features that make your Cloud Experience more secure, more useful and more effective. Try CTPL Tally on Cloud service to use offline Tally software. And Access Tally data Anywhere, Anytime from any device.

Seamless Access

-Access your tally from any browser.

-No need for client software.

-No extra settings are required.

Seamless Printing

-Any printer connected to PC

-Network printers.

-No extra settings are required

Seamless Backup

-Scheduled backup.

-No extra settings are required.

Seamless Export

-Exports directly to your PC

-No extra settings are required.

Advance Backup

-Backups are taken automatically from Tally

-Whether your Tally is closed or running Backup will be done at a scheduled time

Access Log

-Logs of User Access like running Tally, Uploading Files, Backing up are all available to see.

– 24/7 Technical support to help you with all the queries. 

Economical Service

CTPL Tally on Cloud service is available at an affordable pricing. Our Tally on cloud service prices fits for every business.

Comhard Technologies Pvt Ltd is only Tally 5 Star Certified Partner with own dedicated Cloud Infrastructure. We have strong existence in the market for 20+ years, our expert team has ensured a tireless support to our 7,000+ customers worldwide.

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