Mr. Ravi Kant Gupta

Mr. Ravi Kant Gupta is the Managing Director of the Company since 1999. He is the director in charge of the organization for almost 18 years.Mr. Ravi is widely respected for his simplicity, strong ethics, and discipline. He is a perfectionist who strictly follows the rules and regulations and has the pillar of strength right from the inception of the company and his constant efforts moves the company in the right direction.

He’s the trendsetter in the industry and his standards would leave a long-standing impression for others to follow. He has been the driving force since the inception and with his vision, confidence and foresight so clear; this keen strategist is all set to become a history maker.

Mr. Akshay Gupta

Mr. Akshay Gupta is the CEO of Comhard Technologies Pvt Ltd. With over years of experience, he’s the main driving force behind the success of Comhard Technologies. Mr. Akshay stepped into the corporate world more than 4 years ago as a Young Entrepreneur. His aspiration to become an entrepreneur led to the genesis of Comhard in 2013 with a vision to place the Company as the most preferred Software service provider for every Indian.

His rich experience of the I.T Software, coupled with his ability to gain the confidence of stakeholders and customers and positioned the Company as one of the leading company in India. Mr. Gupta is an Engineer and holds a Degree in I.T.