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Comhard is a vibrant company has been providing solution in the discipline of Cloud Hosting Platform with impeccable services. Right from the establishment we have built a team that innovates what you have dreamt of. So, our customers can focus on business instead of taking a headache about resources to build a website. It provides power to scale RAM and CPU resources without disturbing existing data while keeping redundant copies of your storage on multiple servers to safeguard database from any catastrophic failures.

Cloud hosting is a more advanced, faster and better form of shared hosting engineered on the robust Cloud Technologies. Users can go for upto maximum resources to manage the businesses in a very easy manner. One can obtain the cPanel also with Cloud Hosting to manage resources. Setup all your emails & accounts with Zero complications to host your Website on Cloud.

Comhard Cloud Hosting Platform utilizes multiple servers for providing excellent load balancing service to improve application responsiveness regardless of how much traffic comes on the site. Side-by-Side it ensures availability of applications & website for users with maximum uptime. It implies if one of the servers did not function properly, another is always there for you to keep the site up.

The setup of cloud hosting is different from traditional web hosting. We opt distributed approach for the cloud platform. Every website is distributed across multiple locations. So the user never faces a downtime glitch in case a server goes through any problem.

Comhard is the one and only company that offers a wide spectrum of products to host from a simple site to complex machine learning applications. No matter in which business (Novice or Professional Developer) you are, Comhard Cloud hosting is an adept solution with impressive plans. The spectrum of other services offered by Comhard will help you in the online world.

The major advantages associated with Cloud Hosting offered by Comhard includes 99.995% Uptime, Isolated Compute Resources, Pocket-Friendly, Effortless Scaling of Infrastructure, and a dedicated IP address.

Types of Cloud Hosting: IaaS, PaaS & SaaS

All the three models, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are all interlinked with cloud hosting as they utilize cloud infrastructure to provide their goods & services.

IaaS is an acronym for Infrastructure as a Service and a prominent model based on Cloud Technology. It includes delivery of virtual machines and other computing resources to the individual or business via. the Internet. IaaS service facilitates basic infrastructure required for a business to execute which can easily scale up as your business grow.

In IaaS model, the business of any size can take the services like – Storage, Processor, RAM, Software, Firewalls and other components on a cloud platform rather than purchasing & installing all of these resources separately & manage them itself. Thus, people need to pay for the resources that they need over a certain period of time.

PaaS is used for Platform as a Service and another great model of cloud computing used for Cloud Hosting. These solutions engineered to provide a specific Framework / Docker / Container accessible through an Internet Connection for developers to build an application on it.

PaaS solutions are very prominent among organizations from the development point of view as they provide an entire platform to develop fully functional products or services. Usually, PaaS Cloud Hosting solution delivers an Operating System, Middleware, Database, and other required components.

PaaS concept comes from IaaS model, which takes advantage of Internet to utilize the infrastructure resources over the cloud. On the other hand, Platform-as-a-Service model motto is to provide a space in virtualized servers that include other services too. So, one can easily rent this space and create, test, deploy or host applications.

SaaS is used for Software as a Service, which gains a lot of popularity around the globe within the business world. It also has several names, such as On-demand software, cloud-hosted software, web-based software that are used by companies when they deliver software service to the individual or firms.

In SaaS Cloud Hosting model, the user gets the fully managed application that is accessed by the internet from anywhere in the world without taking care of its security, maintenance, availability, and performance. The SaaS service provider, like Comhard, will do it for you. G Suite & Office 365 are great example of a SaaS product.

Get Unlimited Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Availability of Resources All Time: – Comhard Cloud Hosting platform always ensures quality dedicated resources for your site & application for high efficiency and speed.

Incredible Speed: – To get optimal performance, best SSD, Strong networks, and Next-gen processors, our Tier 4 data center are ready within seconds for the work.

Full Access Over Machine: – Our servers based on Linux, Unix, Windows and you are free to opt OS of your choice, we never interfere in it.

Scale Up as Per Your Terms: – Change or upgrade your current virtualized machine with other configuration to match up your site or application.

Easy Account Management: – One can effortlessly host clients on its cloud account. Using the management interface, it is easy to create multiple User ID’s under the dedicated cloud account and provide access to them.

Dedicated IP: – Comhard cloud account offers the dedicated IP address to get work done from any device at any location.

CDN Services: – We provide Content Delivery Network service to make your site or application run smoothly when huge traffic lands from different locations.

Regular Backup: – We always ensure the daily backup of your cloud account and keep Onsite as well as Offsite copies of it.

Comhard Best Cloud Hosting Platform:

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