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Why Need of Business Intelligence Dashboard Software?

Business Intelligence (BI)  solution helps in producing accurate reports by extracting data directly from your data source. With Business Intelligence solutions, it eliminates the time-consuming task of consolidating data manually. Since BI tools can produce recent data, it allows managers/owners to monitor businesses in real time.

BI solution provides real-time reports directly to people on-demand from any location. This helps to reduce the scope of error by providing managers with accurate data to make better decisions on what is happening now and to forecast for the future. BI solutions also focus on providing data security by using existing established security infrastructures to keep data private.

Features of Krystal Reports BI

Create Dashboards In Minutes

Dashboards provide a snapshot view of your key business data for quick and easy data analysis/visualization.A dashboard consists of any of the embedded interactive reports namely charts, pivot tables, KPI widgets, summary views, tabular views, data tables & query tables along with formatted text.


Get powerful insights. Uncover KPI’s

KPI’s and data analysis reduces manual efforts and saved time data modelling and analysis. It helps you to generate valuable business insights in less time.

Easy Drill Down/Data Filters

Drill Down/Data Filters equipped with a range of filters ,drop-downs, slicers and search functions that make it easy for users to find the information they need quickly.

Drill downs & filters

Connect to any data source

You can connect to various data sources like databases, OLAP cubes and spreadsheets using simple wizard-based connection interface in Krystal Reports

Access Business Intelligence Dashboards from anywhere

Krystal Reports is designed with an adaptive and responsive user interface that renders UI elements based on the resolution of the target device.
Have unique user experience with 100% browser-based interface on any device, any resolution – Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphones.

Access from any device
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